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Wear AER

The first wearable percussive unit in the world

AERone consists of 4 widespread impulse engines, and one center percussive tool aiming the calf. Starts warming up muscles deep, and increases blood circulation considerably.Keeping then peripheral area in shape without pains.

AER CRYO       
A leg wearable with vibration and freeze and heat therapy 

We built a genuine wearable with circulation booster and the genious heat/freeze system. The cryo will give You freezing cold waves or heating warm waves, just to spike the neuros to stay active. In restless legs and neuropathies, the cold shock waves are taking symptoms away in short time.

Sensors, insights, and autonomous 24/7 run-time
The smart autonomous start,stop and regulating of needed effect are standard on both products. Full data collection and improvement of programs from data. You will get a full insight in Your development, and a better control with status. The improvement will be possible to track and measure. The AER systems has a revitalizing effect.

Therapy at home, on Your legs, without effort

Therapy at home, on Your legs, without effort

The idea of the product is effortless, comfortable treatment. The AER serie can be on Your feet 24/7. You can just shake your leg to start and stop. So, no matter of conditions the AER series covers Your needs. The data secures improved treatment and recovery

The non-invasive vibration and cryo technology

The non-invasive vibration and cryo technology

The effect from the AER series are really deep just after 30 minutes of treatment. For pains and circulatory it will be vital for flow and lower pains. The cryo technology also has an therapeutic scientific effect. The patent pending system and combined technologies are the most advanced, yet easy to use device in the market.

A need to walk to keep pains away, - not anymore.

A need to walk to keep pains away, - not anymore.

People are sitting at home with the pain and can not get relief without painkillers and other medications. The contradiction is to move and be active, but that does not fit in to using medications. So why not make something that provides activity and pain management? The AER series are a soft and kind companion every day and night. Without any risk at all.

We are now testing our first models on people suffering pain from peripheral neuropathy. Are You interested to join, or to get information, sign up here :) 

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Medical Device


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